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Most Popular Posts of 2012

Yes, it’s the lazy way to do a post during the week before Christmas and New Year.  In my next post, we will use this information to help predict the trends of legal issues for online media, marketing, internet law and start-ups for 2013.
1.   SOPA The Debate in Plain English and the SOPA Update and Editorial
The two … Continue Reading

City of Paris ordered to pay for reverse domain name hijacking in groundbreaking decision

I was fortunate to work with the team that won a $125,000+ judgment against the City of Paris (France, not Texas) for reverse domain name hijacking.  In laymen’s terms, that is when an alleged trademark owner overreaches and tries to hijack a domain name to which they don’t have rights.
 It is a groundbreaking decision because, … Continue Reading

OK, This time I mean it! .xxx deadline is coming

Raising two young kids, I am used to giving repeated warnings.  In fact, I am not really sure what happens if I make it to five.  Luckily, my kids don’t either and are in no hurry to find out. 
The bottom line on the .xxx domain name situation is the deadline is October 28 – that’s Friday.  … Continue Reading

Don’t want to be associated with a .xxx site? Do something now

If you are like me and are told in March you need to do something in October, then you probably forgot by now.  That is exactly what we did when we warned you back then that you needed to take action in October to prevent your site from being associated with a .xxx pornography site.  It’s … Continue Reading

Government Seizes Domain Names and Guilt Trips You Too

You may have recently read the government seized the domain names of several online gambling sites.  In the past, they have also seized the domain names of sites known for counterfeiting.  Now, they not only take the domain name, but make you watch a video when you visit the sites.
The Government does not have much … Continue Reading

Don’t Want to Explain Why Your Brand is Now a .XXX porn site?

After much debate, the international body in charge of governing domain names, ICANN, has authorized pornography-based websites to register with a top-level domain of .xxx as opposed to the more common .com or .net in the next couple of months.
While most of the debate has centered on whether this will make it easier to access … Continue Reading

UT loses domain name challenge

Losing a domain name challenge is no reason to cry.  UT still dictates exactly how the Big 12 minus 2 is run.  Loyal readers know I am a Mizzou sports fan, so maybe this domain name post is really a chance to relish in a rare loss for the University of Texas.  So note, here comes bitter … Continue Reading

They’re fighting for UT, but who owns the domains?

Maybe this is my excuse to write about conference realignment.  Regular readers know I am a Mizzou graduate and sports fan so I am a little nervous about what is happening.  Rather than dwell on the rumor, speculation and innuendo, I thought I would check the domain names of various conferences to see if we … Continue Reading


This whole end of the decade thing snuck up on me so I did not prepare a list of internet marketing and online media law stories for the decade.  I could have argued that the decade does not end until next year, but the people who took the fun out of celebrating Y2K got on … Continue Reading

Glenn Beck Abuses the UDRP?

Why doesn’t he just come out and address the questions about whether or not he wants to suppress Constitutionally-protected free speech through a process that is supposed to handle cybersquatting domain name disputes?  If he would simply answer the question or deny the allegations, perhaps it will all just go away.  Because he doesn’t, the … Continue Reading