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Getting Pictures Off the Internet – Not Easy To Do

I love college basketball.  Given that my Missouri Tigers haven’t given me much to talk about, I thought we could discuss the efforts by this upset Duke fan to have her image removed from the Internet captured during the Miami – Duke game that snapped Duke’s incredible 41-home-game winning streak.  You can read about it … Continue Reading

5 Most Popular eMediaLaw Posts of 2014

5.  Using Images Without Permission is No Monkey Business
From the Wikimedia Commons website
This was one of the more interesting stories of the year – does the photographer who set up everything to allow for a monkey to take a selfie own the copyright to that selfie?  This year we learned that no, the photographer does … Continue Reading

BOOK REVIEW: Civility in the Digital Age by Andrea Weckerle

The full name of the book is Civility in the Digital Age: How Companies and People Can Triumph over Haters, Trolls, Bullies, and Other Jerks.
Author Andrea Weckerle gave me a free copy* to look over Chapter 9 entitled “Legal Aspects of Online Disputes and Conflicts.”  The legal basics are adequately covered, but I found myself more intrigued by the rest … Continue Reading

Trends for 2013 in internet and marketing law

After looking at the most popular posts from 2012 in our last edition, today we look at what are likely going to be the big trends for 2013 in internet and marketing law.  
Privacy and COPPA – Although this issue is not likely to dominate the general business population, privacy and COPPA will continue to dominate the media’s … Continue Reading

Most Popular Posts of 2012

Yes, it’s the lazy way to do a post during the week before Christmas and New Year.  In my next post, we will use this information to help predict the trends of legal issues for online media, marketing, internet law and start-ups for 2013.
1.   SOPA The Debate in Plain English and the SOPA Update and Editorial
The two … Continue Reading

New Product Review: Summify Can’t Replace Blog Reader, But Nice Touch

I confess.  I am not necessarily an early adopter.  I got my first iPhone about three months ago and my five-year-old son knows more about it than I do at this point.
But, focusing on internet law, I do have an excuse for playing around with new services and products.  I generally give a product about thirty … Continue Reading

This Week In Law: Sex, Death & Taxes

Yes, somehow it all made sense, blended together and related to internet law.  This Week In Law, hosted by Denise Howell and Evan Brown, invited Taxgirl Kelly Phillips Erb and me to join them for this Friday’s show.  

We covered taxes for ecommerce and its impact on behemoths like Amazon, the mom and pop e-retailers and the consumers.  We also … Continue Reading

My Own Tech Dilemna: IPhone coming to Verizon or go tablet?

Notwithstanding my area of practice, I have so far successfully avoided the iPhone craze.  In fact, I have managed to avoid the entire i-craze.  No iPhone, no iPad, no iPod. 
I’m not trying to make some social statement against the closed nature of Apple products.  I’ve just gotten by with other mp3 players.  On the phone, … Continue Reading

Quick Links – Vacation Style

While I love staying up with the online legal issues, I have been more focused on trying to conquer mountains, rocks and rapids this past week.
So, that means I will just send some links of some interesting things I’ve read while on the road.
Yelp! successfully defended its defamation and DTPA case from Evan Brown. 
Lawyers can Google … Continue Reading

Short Week – Brief Links

Are Yahoo’s cost-per-click prices falling?  From Domain Name Wire.
For my partner’s Texas Physician Law Blog by Darrell Armer, here is a story on using social media to recruit medical study participants.
Why competitor vs. competitor pay-per-click trademark litigation is so much hotter from Professor Goldman.  I’ll sue one of the search engines if you really want … Continue Reading