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Wikileaks disclosure of diplomatic cables: Is that legal?

Plenty has been written on the contents of the recent disclosure of the diplomatic cables.  To no one’s surprise, Wikileaks has been sued before and I wrote about one of their last legal battles here.  That one involved a private bank.  Now, what can the U.S. Government do (legally) to the site?
The First Amendment, Vietnam War … Continue Reading

Another Government In Trouble for Erasing E-Mails

If you think you have issues coming up with a good document retention and email policy, imagine figuring out the policy when every email is arguably subject to review through a public records request.
Several media organizations joined together to sue North Caroline Governor Mike Easley on Monday based on “systematic deletion, destruction or concealment” of e-mail messages.  The … Continue Reading

Texas Legislative Session Ends with no Shield Law and little change to open government laws

The Texas Free Flow of Information Act will not be going to Gov. Perry’s desk for signature in 2007. SB 966 made it all the way to the floor of Texas House where, according to the Texas Association of Broadcasters, it died on a technical parliamentary point of order. Senate Bill 966 would have … Continue Reading