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Follow-Ups: YouTube escapes damages; Drew Acquitted; Houston’s should not have joined MySpace group; Texas Shield Law put to online test; Yahoo Click Fraud Securities Case Dismissed

Damage Claims against YouTube Dismissed. The English Premier League formed a class of non-US copyright holders to sue YouTube for statutory damages when their programs aired on YouTube. I discussed the original filing here and here. Yesterday, the court ruled that because these foreign entities never registered their works in the U.S., they could not recover … Continue Reading

Texas Legislative Roundup-Shield Laws and Online Harassment

The two-year spectacle known as the Texas Legislative session came to an end with the passage of a journalist shield law (already signed by the Governor) and an online harassment law. 
The shield law was passed weeks ago and signed by the governor to become effective immediately.  My prior post, including the text of the … Continue Reading

Texas Shield Law Sent to the Governor

The Senate quickly passed the Texas Shield Law (HB 670) sending the bill to the Governor for his signature.  The much lengthier version is included in its entirety at the bottom of this post.  Here is the Senate Committee Report analysis on the bill.
As we mentioned in prior posts, the key issue affecting bloggers is … Continue Reading

Texas Shield Law and Online Harrasment Bills on the Move

The Texas Shield Law Bill made it out of committee this week.  HB 670 is being sent to the House without any amendments.  I discussed the bill and provided the bill in its entirety here and here in earlier posts.  Although some protection for journalists is better than none, it appears it will not apply to … Continue Reading

Texas Shield Law on the move in the Leg? [Federal Update] and [State Update]

[February 26 Update — Back here in Texas]  It appears this is becoming a shield law blog for the last week or two.  We’ll get back to internet marketing and other online media issues shortly.  Yesterday, however, the House version of the Texas shield law was assigned to a public hearing for Monday, March 2, 2009, in … Continue Reading

Journislist Shield Law Considered in Texas Legislature–What About Online?

The Texas Legislature meets every two years and almost every two years a state Shield Law to give journalists immunity is proposed, but never passes.  This year’s biennial session began last week and is no different.  Representative Martinez Fischer proposed House Bill 670 on Friday, January 16.  The bill, as introduced, is included in its … Continue Reading

Quick Hits for the Week

Sometimes there are a lot of stories in one week.  This was one of those weeks.  Because of the law practice, the family and that little thing called life, rather than post about each one, here are some interesting stories I just did not get to.   
Does becoming a more popular blogger subject you to a … Continue Reading

Federal Shield Law Out of Committee

The federal shield law protecting the identity of journalists’ resources made it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday. However, additional exceptions were added to the original House version that offered more broad protections.
One of the biggest unanswered questions is whether or not the definition of journalist in the law would cover bloggers. … Continue Reading

House Judiciary Committee Passes Federal Shield Law

The House Judiciary Committee approved a federal shield law to protect journalists from being forced to disclose their confidential sources. The committee voted to send H.R. 2102 — the Free Flow of Information Act — to the full House of Representatives for approval.
33 states and the District of Columbia have shield laws and 17 other … Continue Reading

Bush Administration Does Not Want Shield Law Protecting Bloggers

The Bush Administration is against any federal shield law, but even more so if extends protections to bloggers. The current version of the Free Flow of Information Act protects many, including bloggers, from facing jail time for refusing to reveal sources. The Administration believes its makes criminal investigations more difficult and could handcuff national security.
BetaNews … Continue Reading