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What the Obama Reelection Means for Internet Law

It means I woke up to this actual post from a Facebook “friend” of mine:

Christian or not, Praise God we still have some freedom of speech and can voice our opinion. That being said here are words for thought…Do you know what America has in common with those countries in poverty and constant devastation??? God is … Continue Reading

SOPA: The debate in plain English – The Update and Editorial

I have received some flack for not coming out stronger against SOPA and PIPA in my original post explaining the controversy back in December.  Like many of you, I tend to align myself with the entities and groups who have come out against the law.  I support Internet freedom, innovation and a general laissez fare … Continue Reading

SOPA: The debate in plain English

Plenty has been written about the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, in the industry press with some coverage in the mainstream media. Like many controversial proposals, SOPA discussions seem to be stoked in rhetoric.  So, I thought I would break down what it does, the pros and cons and what it means for you.
The Bill
Texas Republican Lamar … Continue Reading