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Back from the Land of Trial Mode: January Quicklinks

There has not been much activity on the blog because we have been engaged in a long copyright and misappropriation of trade secrets trial.  So, we share with you some of the articles we have been reading, but just haven’t had time to write about:
Bloggers entitled to same protections as journalists under the First Amendment. … Continue Reading

Thankful I didn’t copy images, parody the Beastie Boys, use overbearing TOS or have to stand behind TheDirty

With the short Thanksgiving week, I thought we would touch on a few interesting stories developing over the last couple of weeks.
Photographer gets $1 million+ verdict from AFP and Getty for copied Twitpics
In my three part series on using images from the web for your news stories, we talked about the Morel v. Agence France-Press case. … Continue Reading

Can I use the social media image for my story – part 3

In part one, we discussed how fair use may apply to the media’s use of social media images.  In part two, we looked at how the various sites’ terms of service come into play.  Today, we look at the one prominent case in this area and describe some best practices.
 The Agence France-Presse Twitter Case
There is … Continue Reading

Legal Guidelines for CEOs on Social Media – Avoid the Netflix Issue

In July, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings posted on Facebook that viewing on his company’s site “exceeded 1 billion hours” of videos in June.   The stock rose 6.2% on the day of the post.  Last week, the SEC sent Netflix notice it may investigate.  You can read the Washington Post story here. 
Reg FD, or Fair Disclosure, is … Continue Reading

Houston CFO Fired for Social Media Activity

The Houston Chronicle reported today the CFO of Francesca’s was canned because he posted information about the company on Twitter and Facebook.
We have discussed the legality of firing employees for their social media conduct in detail (part one and part two).  In short, in at will state like Texas, you can fire someone for a good … Continue Reading

Who Owns Your Twitter Followers or LinkedIn Connections?

For 99% of us, it really won’t ever be an issue — our social media presence just isn’t that important.  Unless your job is to tweet or drive traffic to the company website, your company probably won’t even want your twitter followers who read what you had for lunch or your take on the Republican primary.  … Continue Reading

Marketing to Minors – Even When You Don’t Mean To – Part 1

Today, we start a two part series on marketing to minors online.
The law has always sought to protect minors when it comes to commercial transactions. The conventional rule is that someone under 18 cannot bind themselves to a contract. It should, therefore, be no surprise there are special laws about marketing to children on the … Continue Reading