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Net Neutrality and Why It Is Important to You

Last week, the FCC ruled Comcast could not slow down the transmission of peer-to-peer file sharing downloads over its broadband network in a precedent-setting decision.  You can read more about the decision here, here and here.  The FCC ruled Comcast’s actions were unlawful because all lawful conduct online is supposed to be treated equally in … Continue Reading

RIAA Defendant Seeks Retrial

Jammie Thomas, the defendant recently found liable to the RIAA for $222,000 for illegally sharing 14 songs, filed a motion for retrial claiming the fine is unconstitutionally excessive. The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits courts from imposing excessive fines.

RIAA Wins First Illegal File Sharing Trial

A Minnesota jury awarded the RIAA $220,000 against Jammie Thomas for illegally downloading 24 songs online on the Kazaa file sharing network. Thomas, a single mother, contended she never downloaded any of the signs and her lawyer argued there was no way to prove who actually downloaded the songs. This is the first … Continue Reading

Former Ramone Sues For Digital Sales

Richard “Richie Ramone” Reinhardt, the Ramones former drummer filed a lawsuit today asking for $900,000 in royalties for songs purchased on the Internet by fans. Reinhardt, the band’s second drummer and one of the remaining survivors of the punk rock trendsetting band, has sued Wal-Mart, Apple, RealNetworks and others, including the management and the estate … Continue Reading

RIAA Suffers Legal Setback

The RIAA’s target in Interscope v. Rodriguez claimed victory. In its textbook suit, the RIAA sued Yolanda Rodriguez claiming she downloaded illegal music, but failed to offer any specific evidence or proof of its claims.
After the defendant defaulted, the federal judge surprised the RIAA when he not only denied the default judgment, but also dismissed … Continue Reading

RIAA Must Pay $68,000 in Attorneys’ Fees in Pursuit of Illegal Music Downloaders

After several successful suits trying to go after illegal music downloaders, the RIAA (the Recording Industry Association of America) met one if its first set backs. RIAA sued Deborah Foster in November 2004 after claiming her IP address was connected to illegal downloading. The RIAA expanded the suit by suing daughter Amanda who defaulted. The … Continue Reading