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NAB Online Royalty Proposal Rejected

The NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) made a proposal to SoundExchange regarding the proposed royalties netcasters will have to pay to continue to play music online about three months ago. Apparently, SoundExchange, which represents the copyright holders to the music, apparently rejected the offer.
The NAB claimed its offer would allow SoundExchange to compensate its … Continue Reading

SoundExchange and Online Radio Still Trying to Settle

Will the Online Radio Concept Doom Traditional Radio?

According to Beta News, Congress is considering applying similar royalty to charges to traditional or terrestrial radio stations. Traditional radio has avoided royalty payments to performers, but not songwriters, based on the idea that radio play helps promote the performers. As the landscape is changing and online broadcasters are trying to figure out a reasonable … Continue Reading

Deadline Passes . . . Online Music Plays On Temporarily

Sunday was the original deadline for online broadcasters to begin paying new royalties that many have said will shut down smaller netcasters. July 15 was the day online radio stations were to pay the 2006 royalties and agree to a new royalty schedule on an ongoing basis similar to that of satellite radio.
Instead, it looks … Continue Reading

Online Radio’s Day of Silence Makes Noise

Online radio streamers seek emergency stay in court of appeals

A variety of groups, including the Digital Music Association, AccuRadio, and National Public Radio, filed a petition for an emergency stay before the US Court of Appeals in D.C., of the order imposing new performance royalty fees on online streaming music providers. The petitioners interpret SoundExchange’s argument to mean that, if we define a … Continue Reading

Congress moves to help internet radio providers

Representatives Jay Inslee (D-Wash) and Jay Inslee (D-Wash) introduced a bill in the House yesterday that would explicitly nullify the findings of the Copyright Royalty Board, which set forth last month a royalty fee for Internet streaming performances that online providers say could put them out of business entirely. As discussed in earlier posts, … Continue Reading

Copyright Board Upholds Internet Radio Decision Despite Protests

Because none of the internet streaming broadcasters’ objections had new evidence of an egregious error according to the Copyright Board, they are proceeding with the implementation of the internet streaming costs. The three-judge US Copyright Royalty Board ruled it would not stay its own decision last month imposing a massive, per-performance rate increase on Internet … Continue Reading

Is Free Internet Radio Dead?

On March 6, the US Copyright Royalty Board accepted a proposal advocated by a consortium of recording industry representatives, whereby Internet streaming radio sites would be responsible for royalties for the music they play, the total of which would substantially exceed their annual revenue, probably forcing many to shut down.
BetaNews.com, an online site dedicated to … Continue Reading