Raising two young kids, I am used to giving repeated warnings.  In fact, I am not really sure what happens if I make it to five.  Luckily, my kids don’t either and are in no hurry to find out. 

The bottom line on the .xxx domain name situation is the deadline is October 28 –

Maybe this is my excuse to write about conference realignment.  Regular readers know I am a Mizzou graduate and sports fan so I am a little nervous about what is happening.  Rather than dwell on the rumor, speculation and innuendo, I thought I would check the domain names of various conferences to see if we

Why doesn’t he just come out and address the questions about whether or not he wants to suppress Constitutionally-protected free speech through a process that is supposed to handle cybersquatting domain name disputes?  If he would simply answer the question or deny the allegations, perhaps it will all just go away.  Because he doesn’t, the