Notwithstanding my area of practice, I have so far successfully avoided the iPhone craze.  In fact, I have managed to avoid the entire i-craze.  No iPhone, no iPad, no iPod. 

I’m not trying to make some social statement against the closed nature of Apple products.  I’ve just gotten by with other mp3 players.  On the

While I love staying up with the online legal issues, I have been more focused on trying to conquer mountains, rocks and rapids this past week.


So, that means I will just send some links of some interesting things I’ve read while on the road.

Yelp! successfully defended its defamation and DTPA case from Evan

Because of a week long arbitration, I am still working on catching up on the interesting reading from the week. For the sake of expediency, I will simply list some items of interest from the last week.

From the Citizen’s Media Law Project, read here about a case where the judge ruled the Communications