I will be presenting The Ethics of Lawyers on Social Media this Thursday as part of Texas Lawyer’s Technology Summit 2.0.   Here is the PowerPoint:  Ethics of Lawyers on Social Media – Technology Summit 2.0.  I recently did the ethics of marketing with social media and now I have added a new section on using social media to investigate jurors and witnesses. 

Texas Lawyer Tech Summit 05-02-13

From the Texas Lawyer’s Event Website:

Texas Lawyer’s Technology Summit presents sessions on the best practices to incorporate at your law firm geared toward information technology professionals, chief technology officers and cutting-edge litigators at mid to large law firms. This live, 3.75 hour CLE program will provide you with insight and practical advice from leading technology experts on how to manage your caseload in a cost-effective way.

Includes breakfast, networking time and audience Q&A at the end of each session. 

The event is at the Magnolia Hotel Thursday, May 2, from 7:30 to 1:30.  I have the dreaded right after lunch spot forcing people to stick around to get their ethics credit.  My goal is to avoid the food coma.