Notwithstanding my area of practice, I have so far successfully avoided the iPhone craze.  In fact, I have managed to avoid the entire i-craze.  No iPhone, no iPad, no iPod. 

I’m not trying to make some social statement against the closed nature of Apple products.  I’ve just gotten by with other mp3 players.  On the phone, our firm used to be tied to Blackberry and I was tied to Verizon.  Our law firm will now support the iPhone and if the predictions are right, the iPhone will be on the Verizon network tomorrow.

Then, my friend in the oil and gas business is trying to shame me into getting a tablet.  An oil and gas business CFO?  Of course, his biggest selling effort was some game he and his kids play. 

Then, I spent last week reading all the CES coverage.  Click here for the Wired two-minute video recap.

So, thoughtx?  Go iPhone?  Stick with the Blackberry touchscreen and get a tablet?  Is the Samsung Galaxy really better than the iPad?  Hit me with your best shot other lawyers, marketers, and yes, even the oil and gas CFO’s.