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Because of an extended working vacation away from Houston’s heat in Colorado, I’ve been away from the blog.  Like my kids gearing up to go back to school, I’m getting back to the normal work mode back in the office while recovering from a separated shoulder from

Earlier this week, a California judge dismissed a $45 million false advertising lawsuit against ValueClick.  If you do email marketing, you care because the judge ruled the federal CAN-SPAM act preempted California’s more stringent email marketing law that more than likely applies to you wherever you are.


Internet service provider Hypertouch filed suit against 

It is no secret the law has trouble keeping up with technology.  Although emails have become a mainstay of business communications, the law is struggling to apply traditional contract law to the now standard method of communication.  Although email facilitates communications in a much less formal manner, the suggestion that “it was just an email”

While not one of the sexiest topics covered here, my previous post on email disclosures (here) generated a lot of feedback.  Emails appear to be a hot topic.  Here is a link to week long series from NPR’s Morning Edition on emails on everything from management, to emerging technologies to legal issues and

I was asked this week by a licensed professional engineer whether he needed to have email disclaimers on his outgoing emails. I was not able to find anything specifically that applied to engineers licensed in Texas, so I looked at the need and effect of general email disclaimers (a.k.a. the fine print at the bottom