I’ve hesitated to write this post because the law is always changing and you can’t cover it all in one blog post (thank goodness for linking).  I did a presentation to the Houston Interactive Marketing Association this week which forced me to boil it down to digestable bites.  If I had to give you three

Usually, the first the outside world hears about a Federal Trade Commission privacy investigation is when the FTC announces a settlement.  The FTC normally notifies a company they are under investigation,everyone cooperates and there is a settlement.

The FTC’s Authority

This time, the FTC has filed suit.  The target is Wyndham Hotels.  You can read

We’ve discussed on here before that it is almost better to have no privacy policy than an incorrect privacy policy.  I learned today, however, Google may be dinging some sites for not having policies.  This is one area where cut and paste simply does not cut it. 

Your privacy policy has to be accurate