This weekend The Houston Chronicle reported Facebook did not turn over information requested by local authorities in response to death threats.  People have been criticizing social media companies for turning over data to government entities.  This time Facebook demanded a court order and now people are upset.  It shows how it is a difficult

Usually, the first the outside world hears about a Federal Trade Commission privacy investigation is when the FTC announces a settlement.  The FTC normally notifies a company they are under investigation,everyone cooperates and there is a settlement.

The FTC’s Authority

This time, the FTC has filed suit.  The target is Wyndham Hotels.  You can read

In part one, we talked about whether you need a Written Information Security Plan or WISP and the importance of the March 1, 2012, deadline for vendor compliance.  Now, we discuss what exactly is in a WISP?

Generally speaking, it is supposed to cover the development, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of the collection and use